Servicios en línea, Prendas Virtuales en 3D y Creación de Modelos en 3D

Optitex Web Services is a new website offering online access to Optitex and features known products such as the most advanced automated Nesting Service using exclusive Marker Making and Nesting algorithm software to generate high-speed nested layouts that minimize fabric waste. 

Optitex Data Converting service rapidly converts CAD files from one format to another in seconds and an Import/ Export Service that supports all other major file formats independent of the original software platform.

Optitex professional systems are loaded with easy-to-use, intuitive features that make it the CAD system-of-choice for leading educational and training centers as well as top designers and manufacturing plants around the globe. 

Optitex’s latest application,3D Virtual Clothing, allows retailers and online shopping sites to model their fashion online with a 3D avatar.

The 3D Virtual Clothing site demo was created for customers to visualize what they can do with their own clothing lines. Customers can view the functionality of this application by going to and testing the 3D service. In this demo, the EVA avatar models mix and match styles of dresses, woven shirts and skirts with tights. 

Use Optitex online 3D model creation to visualize your own personalized avatar. Change your measurements easily and in real time and get a virtual you with your exact size and features.
Use Optitex online 3D model creation site: to visualize your female, male, boy or girl own personalized virtual model. Check our demo version with male and female models only on IE.


How does it work?



Examples of Websites already using online 3D Optitex's technologies

§  Appassion Online Store - Proof of Concept Site

§  Brides.Com

§  Daz3D - Gaming and Animation

§  I Saw It First  - European Clothing Brand

§  Logical Apparel

§  Masskon - European Sportswear

§  Muta Sport - Muta Sport site

§  Muta Sport Catwalk - Virtual catwalk with Optitex 3D simulation and animation

§  My Style Rules - Women styling

§  Nike POC - To rotate, click and drag on the arrows in lower-right corner

§  Spoom - Clothing brand [choose FW10 at the top right corner of the collection window]

§  UnitedStyles- online kids fashion store where you can design kids' clothes in 3D