Virtual Product Development

Virtual Product Development

Get real-life sample simulations, fast. Optitex created the first and most robust set of virtual fabric simulation available to you, and it keeps getting better.

With Optitex 3D Virtual Product Development, the process of creating accurate samples has truly been revolutionized. Instead of sending real patterns back and forth to your suppliers, you can create, view, and edit your initial samples in one place, giving you the chance to drastically reduce the time you spend developing your products and get them to the market quickly.

"3D technology has cut the timeline of the retailer's design process by as much as 2/3's while also increasing innovation. A picture is worth a thousand words and a prototype (Virtual Product) is worth a thousand pictures." - Kurt Salmon, the leading global management consulting firm specializing in the retail and consumer products industry.

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Patterns that fit, every time. Accurate, custom-made models help you maintain your fit standards across your entire collection of products and even across manufacturers. Our 3D avatars can be modified to meet your fit specifications so that you can get an accurate preview of fit without having to call together a fit session. These models have over 60 parameters to modify, ensuring that you can create a model that is custom-fit to your requirements. Whether you want to maintain uniformity in fit or make adjustments, you’re given the flexibility to decide when and how your fit models spec changes.

With each version of Optitex, our 3D Virtualization tools continue to grow and evolve to meet a growing number of needs. Our 3D tools allow our users to simulate a huge and growing number of design elements:

  • Hardware like buttons, zippers, pulls, buckles and rivets
  • A variety of seam finishes like piping and topstitching
  • Design elements like pleats, shirring, ruching, facing, interfacing and interlinings
  • Texture placement like engineered repeats, logos, and matched logos

Fit tools like tension and stretch mapping, 3D digitizing and flattening, and even true-to-life animations give you all the tools you need to get your patterns from sample to production quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.  

Work on your schedule, and under budget. Sample simulations let you fit your garments on a custom-fit virtual model without having to cut any fabric, then make changes right on your screen. All this happens within a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. No more waiting for FedEx to deliver your next sample; making them yourself means never having to wait for physical samples to arrive.

An example of using Optitex software for an academic research:

* Disclaimer: The above video was prepared at Brown University and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Optitex did not participate in or sponsor the research.