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This Help Web Site is based on Wikimedia platform, and includes all the documentation about OptiTex softwares, allowing you to have the most updated information at all times.


Using The Site


Navigation Panel

There are different ways to find a topic in the site:

Google Search Box
Use the search box on the top left side of the panel, to search the help web site with Google custom search, the results will be from the help web site only.
Built in Search Box
Use the Search box in the bottom of the left panel , all search must include at least one word longer than 3 characters. Use Go button to go strait to the page name matching your search (if such a page exists) and Search to search all page including your keywords.
Side Bar Navigation
The side panel navigation will take you to index page listing menus, tool bars or application titles
Main Page Topics
On the main page a list of main topic is listed by application, click on the topic to see the list of article related. You can go back to the main page by clicking on Optitex Help Icon.
OptiTex Help
Built-in Search Box
Google Search Box


The site is accessible using the following simple address http://help.optitex.com .

Create An Account And Log In

Creating an account is not mandatory, but will open new functionalities like watching pages an commenting on pages. To create an account or login click on Log in/ create account button (upper right side), and fill in the form.

Log in / create account button

Watching Pages

Watching pages feature allows any logged in user to keep a list of "watched" pages and to be notified of recent edits to these pages. While viewing a page Link "Watch", located at the margin of each page, adds the current page to your watchlist.

Commenting On Pages

You can post your own comment on the content of the help by clicking on the discussion tab. To do that you must be logged in before.

discussion tab
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