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OptiTex provide to all his Customers/Dealers around the World access to a Free FTP server in order to facilitate Files Transfers to/from your OptiTex Support Team

How to Access to this FTP

On your Desktop:

  1. Open "My Computer" MyComputer.jpg
  2. At the Address Bar, write ftp://ftp.optitex.com


Note icon.png
Do Not Open this FTP Server using your Internet Explorer Explor.jpg, Firefox Fox.jpg nor other browser, neither using Run.jpg at your Start Menu

How to Upload/Download files on the FTP

Once your FTP Windows use the Copy.jpg and Paste.jpg commands as show:

Download from FTP

  1. FTP Window opened, you will see all the Uploaded files
  2. Select the File you want to Download and copy it
  3. Paste your file at the new location

Upload to FTP

  1. Select the File you want and Upload and copy it
  2. Access the FTP
  3. Paste your file at the FTP
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