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Use the Circumference Measure Tool to measure girths in the 3D Model window. The measure taken is represented by a disk which cuts the body, circumferential line and the measured length.


Icon & Location


2. Neck girth measuring

  1. Click on the black arrow next to the Model Properties icon in the 3D toolbar. This will invoke a drop down list of the measure tools. Select the 'Add Circumference Measure' from that list.
  2. A circumference tool appears near the feet of the model. You can move the position of the tool in the same way you move cloth pieces in the scene. Hold the CTRL or the SHIFT keys down and click on the tool to select it.
  3. Move the tool's position using the left mouse button, while the CTRL/SHIFT key is still down.
  4. Every time you stop the mouse movement, the tool takes a measure at its location. A line extended from the measurement area displays the measurement value. This tool can also be useful for verifying body dimensions after they have been modified.
  5. To delete the Circumference Measure, Ctrl/Shift+click the Circumference to select it and press SHIFT + Delete.
  • To use the Circumference Measure Tool to set new girth position for the Model Properties click the following link.
  • The Circumference Measure can be saved along with the model.

Circumference Tape Dialog

To Launch the Circumference Tape Dialog double-click the Circumference disk.

3. Circumference Tape Dialog
4. Circumference disk is in 90 degrees to the Z axis


Default radius for the Circumference disk is 25 cm. Radius ranges from 1 to 50 cm.


Default position for Circumference disk is in the origin of the coordinate system of the 3D Model window (approximately near the model's feet). You can place the disk with exact position. For instance, if the Y position is 50 it means that the disk will be located 50 cm above the origin.


Rotate the disk around the X/Y/Z axis. For instance, to rotate the disk so it would cut the body to half (center front to center back) we should set the Z rotation axis to 90 degrees.

Change measure contour to convex

Check this option in case you wish to measure areas without clinging

5. Unchecked = concave line
6. Checked = convex line

Display Disc

Show or hide the disc. If disabled only the circumference line is visible.

Lock Position

Max Number Of Circums

Circumference disk can display more than one girth, for instance thighs and fingers. Fill in the maximum number of girths you wish to measure using a specific Circumference disk and the Circumference Tool will display the largest girths. See example of several girths in one disk in images number 7 and 8.

7. Max number = 3, measures displayed for ribcage and arms
8. Max number = 1, measure displayed for ribcage only

Measure Clothes and Body

Circumference disk can display body and Clothes when draped. Drape the Model and then click on circumference Tool and CTRL-Click to place the measurement disk at your location, Bust, Waist, Hip for example. You will see both the Body Measurement and the Clothing Measurement to figure out the Design Ease. It also help to view the Garment Slighly transparent or in Spring Mode.

7. Checking Design Ease
8. Max number = 1, measure displayed for ribcage only

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Insert - Add circumference measure
  • Ctrl/Shift+click - To select the Circumference Measure Tool
  • To move and rotate the Circumference Measure disk using shortcuts see 3D Navigation

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